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Mini Pop Up Pod Station

Mini Pop-Up Pod Station, available to rent for a day.

If you want to book more than one pod on different dates, please add them individually to the basket. Thank you.

Rental terms and conditions for Pop up Pod:

  • Daily rental of a Mini Pod up Pod Station, which is 4.6ft wide x 5ft long and has a counter area on three sides.
  • The Mini Pop-Up Pod Station can be rented any day of the week.
  • The rental costs are £15 a day; please note there is no VAT on this rent.
  • Amerton Farm Ltd will provide two black chairs, in the Mini Pop up Pod Station.

Rental terms and conditions relating to advertising:

By ticking the advertising box at check out, you will automatically be giving permission to Amerton Farm Ltd and Staffordshire Marketing to do the following:

  • Amerton Artisans staff to advertise the date my business will be visiting the Amerton Artisan Hall and using a Pop up Pod or Mini Pop up Pod Station, on social media and possible press releases, unless I opt out at check out.
  • If you are  using a Pop up Pod or Mini Pop up Pod Station, for  the first time, to aid promotion of your presents in the Artisan Hall, please send us a copy of  your logo, detail of your social media accounts and if possible a picture of yourself by email as soon as so advertising can commence.
  • Advertising usually commences, 1 month in advance of your booking date.
  • The above advertising by Amerton Artisans does not preclude you in any way from circulating your own promotional advertising, which we encourage, please tag us in, and then we can share your posts.
  • By completing this online application form, I agree to Amerton Artisan advertising the date I have booked my Pop up Pod or Mini Pop up Pod Station, I understand I will automatically give permission to staff working on behalf of Amerton Artisan Hall, to use information from my social media accounts i.e. logo, photos, content etc, to promote my business prior to or on the day of my booking.

General rental terms and conditions:

  • Start time is 9.30 am to 5 pm, and no half-day rentals are available.
  • Generally, all traders can get in at 9 am to set up, and you can start to take down at 4.30 pm.
  • The Pop-up Pod is in an Indoor area.
  • Please note, school holidays and weekends are the most popular, and footfall is usually high at these times. However, the weather may influence footfall on a particular day. Please note that the Amerton Farm, only closes on Christmas, Boxing, and New Year’s Day.
  • If you book well in advance, Amerton Farm Ltd will advertise your trading opportunity at Amerton Artisan Hall on social media up to a month before your visit.
  • If you attend regularly, you can have a sign with your business name in the Amerton Artisan style. You will pay for the sign, which you can take home with you or store on-site. The cost will be £24.00 plus VAT. You need to speak to Louise Smith from Staffordshire Marketing to order the sign, which can be attached to the back of the pop-up pod on hooks.
  • Please bring a copy of your insurance document covering public liability and product liability with you for inspection on the day, trading may be cancelled if your insurance certificate is not presented on request.
  • All of your equipment and display items must be removed from the site and disposed of at the end of each day of each hire.
  • All rubbish must be removed and disposed off site and not at Amerton Farm.
  • No questionable material can be sold or displayed, and Amerton Farm Ltd reserve the right to refuse any trader in this eventuality.
  • Free WIFI is available for your card machine or other devices if required.
  • The Wi-Fi passwords are as follows: Tenants “Tenant123” and Amerton Guests “Amerton1.”
  • At checkout you may choose to give us some Emergency contact details should you be taken ill whilst on site.
  • Amerton Farm Ltd have an on-site alcohol /premise licence; if you want to sell alcoholic beverages on your Pod, contact 01889-270294 before booking and speak to Amy or Eunice.
  • Free Car Parking is available.
  • The out of hours duty managers mobile phone number is 07375 419175
  • On arrival, please report to staff in the Ice Cream Parlour.
  • The Ice Cream Parlour offers takeaway coffee and tea.
  • Take away food, can be purchased from the Ice Cream parlour and will be delivered by Billys Farm Barn staff.
  • The Mini Pop-Up Pod is proving very popular; if the pod is booked on the day you require it, we also have a Pop-Up Pod, so feel free to check if your preferred date is available to book, go to for details  or the direct link is below: Pop Up Pod –
  • By confirming your online boking you are agreeing to the above rental terms and conditions.