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I have filled in the above application to register for Amerton Farm Ltd IntraNet. I have provided the above personal data and understand this form will be electronically stored, subject to GDPR regulations. Confidential data will always be encrypted, to maintain your privacy. I also understand that if I change my mobile phone number and or my email address, I must notify the Amerton Farm Ltd, to update my records if necessary. All registered applicants leaving Amerton Farm (which includes Amerton Farm Ltd staff, Tenants, Staff of Tenant or Volunteers) will be withdrawn from the Amerton Farm Ltd Intro–Net service with immediate effect. Please note: It is the responsibility of Tenants, to report any changes in staff or volunteers, to update Amerton Farm Ltd, with any changes to employees or volunteers i.e. leavers or are new starters, so the register is kept updated at all times.
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