STAFF UPDATE Text 20th March 2020

//STAFF UPDATE Text 20th March 2020

STAFF UPDATE Text 20th March 2020

Today news from the PM is very helpful to us as a business and you as employees, with the promise of 80% of your wages supporting by the government. The Directors of Amerton Farm Ltd are very pleased with this announcement which will help to ensure we can support our work force and so we can open and get back to normal after this crisis with experienced staff.

Thank you for the emails from staff over the last 24 hours, I am sorry if we have not yet replied but we will reply as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow.

Today we have again spent yet again another day with phone/s at my ears to sort our many problem which we as a business face and we need to do all this to ensure we have a business for you all to come back to at the end of this dreadful crisis. These calls cannot be done at a week end.

We are trying to update you as much as possible.

Please stay safe and keep in touch.

Eunice Finney
Managing Director of Amerton Farm Ltd