STAFF UPDATE Text 1st April 2020

//STAFF UPDATE Text 1st April 2020

STAFF UPDATE Text 1st April 2020

Its now 14 days since we layed you off and we agreed to review the situation today, unfortunately we have little to report as there seems no hope of us opening again anytime soon, due to government enforcement.

To enable Amerton Farm to pay the 80% of your wages, we need to make a change to your contract.

You will receive a letter via email in the next couple of days (which you will receive on or before Friday 3rd April 2020), where you will be required to reply stating clearly, that you understand Amerton Farm Ltd, are making the essential changes to your contract.

If you do not reply to this email by Wednesday 8th April 2020, we will be unable to pay you 80% of your salary.

I trust everyone is well, please stay safe. I am looking at re-starting the staff and tenants Facebook page to allow everyone to keep in touch with each other.
Eunice Finney,
Managing Director